Identifying Signs of Childhood Anxiety


Internalized Anxiety is believed to be one of the largest hurdles to learning for all people. As stress is experienced in the body, adrenaline levels increase, forcing us into a flight or fight response. According to an article taken from the Washington Post (June 2011), studies show that anxiety for children in a home or classroom environment can be predictive of learning and social-emotional challenges.

According to Primary Times Cornwall (Instagram April 2019),  childhood anxiety can take on many forms and can manifest as ‘something else’, suggesting children externalize anxiety in varied ways. Recognizing these indicators provides parents with helpful insights into supporting  children who demonstrate signs of anxiety at an early age.

1. Anger~Research shows that anger is often a major disguise for anxiety.

2. Difficulty Sleeping~difficulty falling or staying asleep is a hallmark characteristic of anxiety.

3. Avoidance~Avoidance of a person, place, or task is often rooted in anxiety.

4. Negativity~Research shows that children with anxiety have significant negative self talk.

5. Defiance~ People with anxiety, in efforts to control a situation, display actions of defiance.

6. Chandeliering~”Flying off the handle for no reason” is another characteristic of anxiety.

7. Lack of Focus~Anxiety contributes to racing thoughts that often lack focus.

8. Overplanning~People with anxiety often compensate for lack of control by over planning.

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