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Awareness Days/Months

January National Birth Defects Month January 4- World Braille Day January 20- International Day of Acceptance January 24- Moebius Syndrome ...
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Instagram Pages Worth Following:

@speechsisters -A great resource for parents of early learners! These SLP sisters provide easy tips and tools for parents and ...
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The Power of Mindset in Speech Therapy

The Power of Mindset in Speech Therapy There are two types of mindsets we often encounter in therapy; the first ...
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What is Joint Attention

Joint attention is the action of two people sharing a common focus on an object or task. Joint attention tasks ...
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The Power of Books

There are many benefits of reading aloud to your children. Frequent read-aloud habits help build attention skills. Additionally, children’s vocabulary ...
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Snow Day Activities

As the snow continues to fall, take advantage of all of the wonderful language opportunities the snow provides. Here are ...
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