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Answering Yes/No Questions

Most children develop the skill of answering yes/no questions around 18-24 months of age. Some children may be delayed in ...
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Gravitate Queen City – treats and puppies and a great way to support the disability community!

Looking for a way to support children with special needs and get a sweet treat for your pup? Look no ...
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The Benefits of Doodling

There has been room for debate on whether or not doodling can contribute to an increase in focus, memory, and ...
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Types of Play to Use at Speech Therapy and at Home

According to a Speech Therapy Resource: "PlayBasedSpeechTherapyCourse" (Instagram, January 2023), the following 5 types of play are often implemented in ...
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13 Words/Expressions You Should Model for Babies

According to EatPlaySay (Instagram November, 2022), the following list of 13 words and expressions are considered to be some of ...
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Identifying Signs of Childhood Anxiety

Internalized Anxiety is believed to be one of the largest hurdles to learning for all people. As stress is experienced ...
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