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Cooking with Your Child

With all of the holidays involving meals and food, now is the perfect time to invite your child into the ...
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Sign language for toddlers

  Attached are a few resources to learn some early signs with your toddler.  When teaching signs, I always begin ...
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American Girl and Barbie become more inclusive!

Jen Richardson is an educational audiologist who works with those with hearing needs in grades K-12. She was recruited by ...
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Thomas the Tank Engine TV Show Character Voiced by Autistic Actors

The kids’ TV show “Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go” recently introduced a new character who has autism. The character’s ...
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Gift Giving: Language Enhancing Toys/Games on Amazon/Online: 

As the holiday season quickly approaches look out for some of these recommended toys on Amazon! Here is a list ...
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Recommendations to reduce screen time: 

Recently children have been prone to excessive screen time use due to greater accessibility from tablets and smartphones.  It is ...
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