The holidays are a great opportunity for a variety of language learning activities.

In an article written by Diana Paul, she discusses ways to incorporate language learning activities into your traditions. 
-Learning New Vocabulary: Use age appropriate vocabulary that relates to the child’s developmental and speech sound production level. Use language from the child’s own background and culture. Define the vocabulary word and use relating to different experiences (i.e. visuals, videos, food). Have a word of the day for longer holidays. 
-Engaging in Conversation: Use holiday plans as a conversation starter and practice conversational skills (i.e. initiating conversation, verbal turn taking, asking/answering questions, making comments, and ending a conversation). Have the child explain routines or activities that are being completed during the holidays. Depending on the child’s developmental level would determine the type of language (i.e. Concrete or abstract) that would be used. Practice asking open-ended or wh- questions related to the food, decorations, and/or family activities. The child can use this information at family gatherings. After the holiday, reflect on what the family did by summarizing the activities. Utilize pictures, key words, and/or graphic organizers to help recall and retell. 
-Telling Stories: Read books about different holidays and ask questions regarding the information presented. Discuss reasons for celebrating the holiday and tell stories about past holiday experiences. Have the child tell a story about their favorite holiday memory and ask questions to help formulate a beginning, middle, and end. Invite other family members and friends to tell stories about their holiday traditions. Additionally, watch holiday movies together and encourage the child to tell the story of the movie using different story elements (characters, plot, and conclusion). 
-Sharing Experiences: Use holiday experiences (i.e. cooking, baking, family outings) as language opportunities. Talk about recipes, steps in routines, and experiences as they are happening. Play games related to the holidays and talk about the game rules, strategies, and objects. Ask the child about their favorite holiday songs and encourage group singing. Talk about gift giving and go over appropriate reactions and conversations around that experience. 

Paul, D. (2021, December 2). Opportunities for Language Lessons Related to Holiday Traditions. ASHA Leader. Retrieved December 7, 2021, from

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