Supporting Attention at School

As students transition back to in-school or e-learning, appropriately supporting attention can be one of the best ways to facilitate early year learning. It has been said that children with attention challenges don’t just have difficulty paying attention. Rather, they have difficulty controlling their attention. Due to these challenges, an environment for managing must be modeled and made available in different settings. 

ADDITUDE Magazine has listed a number of strategies parents and teachers can consider for better facilitating learning in the classroom for children with attention needs. 

  1. Consider a seating adjustment; keeping children with attention needs close to the teacher, away from doors, and far from windows is reported to minimize environmental distractions.
  2. Sandwich activities; alternating between high interest and non preferred activities at school and home can keep children with attention challenges best engaged over longer stretches of time
  3. Consider differing learning styles; identifying and providing instruction to children in the modality they access best promotes classroom learning and achievement. 
  4. Redirect rather than reprimand; Providing subtle, indirect, or nonverbal support to students with attention needs can be more helpful than providing harsh punishment and ridicule
  5. Establish a routine/schedule after school; identifying what children need and supporting a schedule with after school breaks can help children with attention needs best achieve productivity after their school day.
  6. Establish a work-only environment; creating a  conducive space for homework/e-learning and distinguishing that area from environments within the home and school meant for play/leisure is most supportive for children with learning needs.

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