Strategies for a Successful Zoom Speech Therapy Session

With the outbreak of COVID-19 more than two years ago, schools and clinics resorted to using virtual platforms in order to continue providing educational and therapeutic services to students and clients. Nowadays, it appears Zoom is here to stay as an effective and convenient means of conducting therapy if in-person services are not an option, or simply if a family chooses to elect telehealth for their child. If your child is participating in virtual services, here are some key tips for making sure their therapy sessions are successful:
1. Make sure your child has a designated area to work in. Your child should have a specific area at home that they are able to use their iPad, computer, or laptop. Make sure your child has proper seating at a desk or table and a chair. Children will become distracted if they are sitting on a couch, so make sure your child is sitting upright in a chair with ample space to prop up the computer or iPad .
2. Technology check. Double checking that your internent connection is stable and the piece of technology your child is using is charged and working is crucial when participating in telehealth services. Reducing technical errors will increase the time spent working on therapy goals.
3. Remove distractions. This includes removing distracting items that may be present on the desk or table.
4. Get supplies and materials ready. Make sure your child is equipped with any necssary items such as headphones, paper, markers, etc. Be sure to communciate with your child’s therapist to ask if any additional materials or supplies are needed prior to the session.
5. Participate! Parent participation is vital for any therapeutic setting, especially virtual services. Make sure to sit in on some sessions with your child, in order to learn about the strategies and techniques they are working on.

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