For children who benefit from reading support, this support may fall into one of three categories (reading comprehension, the ability to decode at the phonological level, and the ability to read fluently.) Reading Fluency refers to the ability to read accurately, at an appropriate rate, with naturalistic expression similarly to how people would converse. In short, Reading Fluency refers to the ability to recognize and produce written text with automaticity and ease.

Reading Fluency Challenges may look like:

*getting stuck when reading aloud

*requiring extended time to read a passage aloud (reading slowly)

*losing one’s place when reading aloud

*having monotone/choppy expression when reading aloud

*reading words inaccurately in a given sentence/passage

*using frequent start/stop/correct patterns when reading aloud 

To help children with Reading Fluency, the following suggestions are recommended:

  1. Routine Chorale Reading with a Parent/Teacher (reading in unison)
  2. Repetitive Reading of favorite books/poems
  3. Pausing strategies between phrases or sentences
  4. Providing reading material with predictable vocabulary, rhythmic components, or repetition sentence structures 
  5. Couple audio text with printed text
  6. Provide support for referencing punctuation markings as pause indicators  

For further information regarding Reading Fluency and other areas of Reading Support, visit ReadingRockets.Com

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