Protecting Your Hearing During Firework Celebrations

During the COVID pandemic in July of 2020, firework complaints in the city of Chicago increased by 700%. In the United States, total consumer sales of fireworks nearly doubled in 2020 in comparison to 2019. Firework injuries are most common in young children ages birth to four, with injuries most common to the face, ears, and head. Hearing protection is often overlooked during Fourth of July and other summer firework celebrations. Here are several ways to practice safe hearing methods while using or attending firework celebrations:

  • Use hearing protection such as basic earplugs or protective headphones for very young children or those who are susceptible to sensory overload from loud, sudden noises
  • Keep a safe distance from firework launch pads
  • Know your limits. If you or your child are experiencing ringing in your ears or other suspected ear related trauma such as pain, leave firework environment as soon as possible.

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