Preschool Benefits-Power of Pre-K

A recent article published in the New York Times eluded to the long running debate regarding the true benefits of preschool.  Systemic socioeconomic variations prove to be a large indicator of children’s readiness for learning given the quality of their preschool education. For instance, a study showed that children who attended federally supported Head Start programming presented with more solidified math and reading skills in early elementary years, but presented with fading academic gains beyond primary school compared to their peers who attended privatized preschools.

President Biden has recently stated that in his administration, his intention is to make preschool universally accessible to narrow the divide between children of different socioeconomic backgrounds. Aside from test score measures, children who attend preschool are less likely to be suspended from high school and are less likely to be incarcerated. Children who attend preschool are also more equipped to take and succeed on college admissions tests, enroll in and graduate from college, and secure employment. Several studies on early education at the preschool level have also reported several long term benefits of preschool, specifically in the areas of social and emotional development in our youth. 

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