Goal Area: Expressive Language

Goal area: Length of Utterance, Following Simple Directions, Vocabulary, Pretend Play

Materials needed: Various toy items, including puzzle pieces, play food, little figures, cars, etc., tin foil (or something to wrap the toys in), large bowl, spoon, stuffed animal

Activity directions: 

  1. Collect 4-5 toy items, wrap the toys in aluminum foil, and have your child unwrap each toy. 
  2. When they unwrap an item, they can place the toy into the bowl as an ingredient for their soup. 
  3. You can have your child label the item, put the item in a carrier phrase, such as “I need ___”, or provide two different size spoons and have your child request a “big” or “small” spoon.  You can also model verbs such as “mix”, “stir,” and “eat.” 
  4. Have your child feed the food to a stuffed animal. Target phrases can include “eat ____” or “more ___.” 

Helpful tips: Keep your language simple and grammatically correct. If your child produces a short phrase, such as “eat apple”, you can model back an expanded phrase, such as “he is eating the apple.” 

Disclosure statement: These activities have been designed for children who are currently receiving services and should not act as a substitute to weekly speech and language therapy. 

Please contact Wee Speech, P.C. for more information about this or other activities that may benefit  your child at 847-329-8226 or office@weespeech.com. 

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