Gift Giving: Language Enhancing Toys/Games on Amazon/Online: 

As the holiday season quickly approaches look out for some of these recommended toys on Amazon! Here is a list along with some speech/language targets to be utilized at home:
Piggy Bank: requesting, turn taking, expanding utterance length , identification/labeling qualitative (color)/quantitative (numerical) concepts, following directions
Critter Clinic: understanding concepts (open/close), identification/labeling vocabulary (hiding animals/food/objects inside the doors), categorization of vocabulary (variety of objects in the doors and sort into each category once opened).
Pop the Pig: turn taking, following multi-step directions involving qualitative and quantitative concepts, functional language, language expansion, production of bilabials (pop, pig, big, more, me)
TOMY Gear Magnretic Toy: understanding concepts/following directions involving stop/go, on/off, fast/slow, more/all done, production of s-blends (spin, stop, start, smile, slow, swirl)
Shark Bite: turn taking, following directions, identification of colors/numerical concepts, language expansion
Sequence for Kids: attending to structured task, matching concepts, turn taking, following directions, requesting, executive functioning, language expansion
ThinkFun Smatch: categorization of vocabulary, matching concepts, language expansion, turn taking, requesting, comparing/contrasting
Grouch the Couch: turn taking, production of /r/ “grrrrr”, articulation targets (before each turn attempt production of target sound/word)
Perfection: articulation targets (drill play- target specific sounds/word list during activity child must attempt production of intended word in order to receive puzzle piece. When the child receives all of the pieces then they can turn the timer on and watch it pop up).
Pancake Pile Up: following higher level directions involving sequential/temporal concepts, language expansion, functional language, identification/labeling of vocabulary

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