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Visual Schedules

Although there are many types of visual schedules, they all typically contain images, symbols, photos and/or words to help communicate a ...
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Parent Use of the OWL (Wait Time Strategy)

Speech Pathologists and other service providers are often complimented by parents as being “patient” in their work with the pediatric ...
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Avoiding the Wait and See Approach with “Late Talkers”

As children develop language with variability and have individual strengths and weaknesses, parents might feel conflicted about when to seek ...
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Improving Frustration Tolerance in Children

As we progress through thee school year, many parents may wonder how we can specifically help children improve frustration tolerance, ...
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How to Model Language with Toddlers (ages 1-3)

By 3, a child will typically produce 3-4 word phrases, make animal and environmental sounds, name most common objects, produce ...
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How to Encourage Independent Play

When a child plays, either by themselves or with others, it promotes executive function, including the ability to self-regulate their ...
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