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5 Tips To Foster Language Development

During the early years (0-5, children learn language naturally through their environment by participating in back and forth interactions with ...
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Aided Language Stimulation for AAC Users

Aided Language Stimulation (ALS) is an evidence based strategy for teaching an AAC user about their system and how to ...
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May was Better Hearing and Speech Month! Let’s keep the information flowing!

Every May, organizations all over the country join the American Speech-Hearing Association (ASHA) to promote Better Hearing and Speech Month ...
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Debunking Common Misconceptions about Speech and Language Delays

Significant speech and language delays are directly related to developmental or medical issues. Sometimes people make assumptions about speech and ...
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The Power of Puppets with Children with Autism

A study by researchers at the Yale Child Study Center shows that puppets can attract and hold the visual attention ...
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Screen time!

Check out this great info from ASHA for Better Hearing and Speech Month. Parents often ask about the use of ...
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