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Building Imitation Skills 

Typically, there are eight phases that must occur before your child will talk. These phases center around the importance of ...
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Babies’ Babbling is a Communication Tool

Traditionally, the early babbling of babies has been thought to primarily be a mechanism for babies to learn and practice ...
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Differential Diagnosis for Childhood Apraxia of Speech:

Its Fall and apple picking is underway.  When gazing down the long rows of trees you will notice signs indicating ...
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Winter is Here!

Winter is here, holiday activities are mostly over  bringing with it a significant decrease in  feasible “park days” for parents ...
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Understanding the Challenges, Fears and Joys of Parents with Children with Special Needs 

I had the opportunity to take a course regarding working through parents’ reactions to a diagnosis of a child with ...
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Should I teach a second language to my child if she/he has a language delay?

Yes! Children who have language delays have the capacity to learn more than one language, especially when they are very ...
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