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Silly Songs to Share with your Kids

Music can be a fun way to help your child develop their language, motor, and memory skills. The rhythm of ...
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Five SLP Techniques You Can Use at Home

Here are 5 common techniques used by speech-language pathologists everywhere, that parents and caregivers can use when practicing with your ...
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‘Technoference’ refers to the interruption of social interactions by personal technology. An example of this might be if you’ve ever ...
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Reading aloud aloud to your baby is a fun shared activity— plus it's important for your baby's brain! It encourages ...
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Cooking with Your Child

With all of the holidays involving meals and food, now is the perfect time to invite your child into the ...
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Sign language for toddlers

  Attached are a few resources to learn some early signs with your toddler.  When teaching signs, I always begin ...
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