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A New Barbie!

The Mattel Company, famous for the Barbie Doll line, has added more diversity to its doll designs by creating a ...
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Speech and Language Videos

Ms. Rachel is a YouTube phenomenon.  Children love her for her super animated and fun videos. What I love about ...
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Autism Rates Increase

According to the ASHA WIRE (April, 2023), the rate and prevalence of Autism in the last two years has increased ...
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“Language Diets”

According to the ASHA Wire (March, 2023) In a society where being health conscious and mindful is prioritized, more evidence ...
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Understanding and Supporting Children with Trauma Experiences

  According to the ASHA Wire (November 2020) , research has been showing increasingly that children experiencing chronic, low-grade stress ...
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Babies and Adults in Play

According to the ASHA Wire (May 2020), a study from Princeton University suggests that babies and parents experience similar brain ...
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