Active Winter Activities!

As we slowly slide into wintertime and colder weather, it’s easy to let our little ones slide onto the couch to watch a little too much television. As my own boys are not much into sitting down for arts and crafts, I’ve compiled a list of active winter activities that I hope you can benefit from as well! Things to do on a cold and wintery day:

1. Ice skating…there are several places to skate in the winter, both inside and outside. Most indoor rinks have skate rentals while only a few outdoor areas do. Indoors: check out The Skatium in Skokie. Outdoors: Check out Flick Park (3600 Glenview Rd. in Glenview) or Warren Park (6601 N. Western, Chicago, skate rentals available).
2. Sledding…the outdoor parks listed above also boast sledding hills. Grab one of the many cool new sleds sold in stores or a trusted older one and hit the “slopes.”
3. Skiing…Wilmot Mountain, only an hour’s drive north of here, offers a ski school for children ages 4 and up. Sign up for 1 class or more and introduce your child to a great sport!
4. Museum fun…explore one of our city’s wonderful museums. It won’t elevate your heart rate but all the walking you’ll do is sure to exhaust any child!
5. Emily Oaks Nature Center (Skokie)…explore the woods in winter.
6. Swimming…find a drop-in pool and buy a daily pass for summer fun in the wintertime. Check out Splash Landings in Glenview or Mather High School (5835 N. Lincoln, Chicago).

For less adventurous days:
1. Park Play…not just for summer! Check out the wooden playground at Indian Boundary Park, less cold than metal on little hands.
2. Snow play…get outside and build a snowman, fort, or cave. Come right back inside for hot cocoa!
3. Play on the Dragon at Old Orchard mall (closed if it’s icy or snowy)…near the middle of the mall by the food court. Get some shopping done as well.
4. Active video games…Wii sports burns a lot of calories!
5. Pop in an exercise DVD and get moving.
6. Turn on some music and have a dance party!

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