What To Do With All of Those Apples?

Do you have an entire bushel of apples from the apple farm sitting on your kitchen floor, waiting to be eaten?  Here are some ideas for what to do with them that can involve your children and enhance their learning:

  • DÉCOR: Put apples in a bowl as an edible centerpiece.  Take a walk outside to collect acorns and pine cones to add to the bounty.
  • ART: Cut an apple open through the middle and reveal the “star” inside; then make a masterpiece!  Dip the flat side of the apple in washable paint and press it onto paper to make “apple prints.”  Be creative and draw on the paper after the paint dries.
  • Observe different apples and try to sketch them. Hang up your art as a fall decorations.
  • Make an apple person.  Put mini marshmellows on toothpicks and stick them into the apple for arms and legs.  Use a large marshmellow for the head.
  • A LESSON IN SHARING: bring a small bag of apples to a friend or neighbor.  Make a homemade card to attach to the bag.
  • Thread a piece of string through the apple and hang it in a tree for some bird friends (a good way to use bruised or rotten apples).  Watch them enjoy it!
  • “SWEETS and GOODIES”: While an apple pie takes a good chunk of time, there are other treats that are easier and quicker to make.  Find a great recipe for apple crisp, apple spice cake, apple butter, apple jelly, or apple salsa.
  • If freezer space (and time) allows, make an extra apple pie and freeze it.  When company comes over, you’ll have a quick dessert to pop in the oven.
  • I always make homemade applesauce to use the last of the apples…peel, cut, and boil apples with a little water and add sugar and cinnamon to taste.  This freezes well also.
  • Caramel apples are fun to make but even more fun to eat.  Kids actually enjoy unwrapping all of those caramels, especially if they get to sneak and eat one.

Enjoy your apples!


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