A great app for car and truck-crazy kids!  This app includes fun cause and effect scenes which also introduce some sorting and matching activities.  There are 5 scenes to choose from; car wash, tow truck, garbage truck, city streets, and dump truck. Each of these scenes allows the player to perform different actions with the vehicles.. In the car wash scene, the child moves the car into a pile of mud. They can move it back and forth until the car is completely covered in mud. Then they move it on to the car wash. They touch the different parts of the car wash to spray it with soap, rinse it with water and dry it off.  In this scene, you can work on concepts such as dirty, clean, wet and dry. You can also use this activity for sequencing and predicting. The city streets scene allows the child to control the street lights and the traffic (stop, slow and go). It introduces different types of vehicles (ice cream truck, cement truck, police car, etc) and produces different sounds and animations for each vehicle. The garbage truck scene introduces the concept of recycling and includes sorting items into the appropriate bins and matching by symbols and color.