The Importance of Self-Care for Parents

Most parents experience some sort of stress as a normal part of the parenting experience.  For parents of children with special needs, the intensity of stress can be amplified.

The impact of chronic stress related to caring for children with more intense needs has been documented.  Studies show that parents of children with developmental, psychiatric or learning disorders are more likely than others to experience anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Being under chronic stress also puts these parents at higher risk for a variety of medical issues. You can read an article from the Child Mind Institute on ways to avoid parenting burnout and take care of your own physical, emotional and social health here

It’s important that, as parents of children with special needs, you pay attention to your own well-being and make time for self-care. Learning to manage stress can give you additional energy, patience and perspective. When you are able to find ways to give yourself a break, you will also be better equipped to meet your child’s needs and support their development.