Snow Day Activities

As the snow continues to fall, take advantage of all of the wonderful language opportunities the snow provides. Here are some examples of free activities you can do in the snow:

*Snowball Fight
-Talk about basic concepts such as big, little, cold, round, etc. while making the snowballs
-Practice words with target sounds (e.g., ‘snow’ for /s/ blends, ‘ball’ for final /l/, and ‘throw’ for /th/)
-Talk about action words including throw, roll, catch, scoop, hide, hit, etc.
-Talk about basic concepts such as big/bigger/biggest, cold, round, little, etc.
-Practice words containing target sounds (e.g., ‘stick’ for /s/ blends and ‘mouth’ for /th/)
-Discuss different vocabulary terms for body parts and action words (e.g., roll, make, put, get, etc.)
-Talk about basic concepts including fast and slow
-Practice target sounds (e.g., ‘fast’ for /f/ and ’sled’ /s/ blends
-Talk about action words climb, slide, push, walk, etc.
*Snow Fort
-Discuss basic concepts (e.g., tall, skinny, wide, cold, etc.)
-Practice target sounds (e.g., ‘fort’ for /f/ and ‘make’ for /k/)
-Talk about different vocabulary terms such as walls, stack, cover, and build
*Burry/Find Game
Hide various items in the snow and take turns searching for “treasure”.
-Discuss target sounds
-Talk about different vocabulary terms including dig, look, find, guess, etc.


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