Learning language is often a long and bumpy road for a child with language deficits because story narration, vocabulary, and grammar skills are all intertwined.  A weakness in one area, such as vocabulary, may impact a child’s ability to narrate a story.  As the school year ends, parents often wonder how they can help their child continue to practice learned skills or develop new skills.  The summer creates many opportunities to continue to expand your child’s language skills.  Using smartphones to capture memories can be a way to target many language skills.  Camps, movies, vacations, barbecues, or other activities with friends or family make excellent opportunities to capture your child’s adventures with technology, but also expand his or her language skills.  Video-taping, audio recording, or snapping pictures of an activity in the summer can promote language learning.  You and your child can print photos and place the photos in a book.  After you make a scrapbook, have your child tell a story or make a sentence for each picture.  Later you can video tape your child narrating events at different points during the summer.  Children with language deficits benefit from visuals to help generate ideas.  As you plan activities, here are some things to keep in mind.   First, keep activities short.  Let your child know how long he or she will be working.  Use a visual timer.  Second, let your child be a part of the process by picking the content of material.  Third, set goals with your child.  Last, provide verbal praise often.

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