Food can be Fun!!

Summer is a time for picnics, barbeques, sandwiches and light meals. It is exciting to explore the foods that can be a part of our summer meals. Taking a trip to the grocery store and the farmer’s market can be educational for the child who is picky about eating. Teach your child where fresh fruits and vegetables come from and the ways in which they can be prepared and eaten. Allow your child to smell and touch foods without having to eat them. Fruits and vegetables are plentiful and generously offered at one or more meals daily. These offerings can be new opportunities to try new foods or learn to eat familiar foods in new ways. For example, maybe your child is willing to eat pureed or canned peaches. This time of year is perfect to offer the peach perhaps whole or in small pieces. It may take a picky eater many opportunities to look at, touch and smell a food before they are willing to taste it. Let your child help you pick fruit to be brought home, wash the fruit, cut fruit and even play with the food. Be creative! Be playful! Help your child make faces, train cars, beach balls, etc. using a variety of food shapes and textures. Soon your child may be willing to lick his fingers or even taste the foods you never thought they would eat!

Good luck! Remember, learning should be fun. Let me know how these ideas have worked in your home. Now hurry..the farmer’s market closes at 12!

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  1. Okay, we eat fast food. McD’s is Noah’s favorite place of all time. I know it’s bad but it’s not our only sorcue of nutrition. I much prefer eating at home, but it’s the crazy schedule– like soccer practice from 5:30-7:30 and it taking 30 minutes to get there. The options are sandwich (again), super early/late dinner or grabbing something on the go. And that’s just Tues. Friday means leaving the house at 8am and not getting back home until 8pm. It is insane. Fortunately, we cut out most outside activities in 2 weeks and have a break until mid to late Jan!

    1. Dinner hour can be very chaotic throughout the school year, especially for the family with children playing travel or multiple sports! Consider crock pot cooking. It can be prepared the night before, cook all day and be on the table and eaten in just minutes. There are so many new recipes available on line. My family loves slow cooked chili, lasagna, mac and cheese. Let me know what your family enjoys!

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