Farmers’ Markets


Fresh flowers…vegetables…fruits… and live music can turn a weekly chore into a memorable summer experience.  Farmers’ markets provide a great alternative to grocery shopping in the summer and early fall.  Going to a farmers’ market can be an opportunity to involve the whole family.  Farmers’ markets typically are less crowded and smaller than a grocery store, plus most markets are outside.  Many vendors offer samples, so you can encourage your child to try a new food or be open to a new experience.  Outdoor markets naturally create opportunities to practice a variety of language skills.  Below are some suggestions for a day at the market and websites for local farmers’ markets.

  • Before going to the farmers’ market, pick a recipe to make and create a list of the ingredients.  It can be as simple as making a fruit salad.  After the market, go home and make a fruit salad together.  Then have your child re-tell the steps.
  • Create a farmers’ market budget and set family rules (i.e.  Everybody buys one item and the goal is to have money left over so we can do another special activity.).
  • Create a farmers’ market scavenger hunt to find 5-6 items. (i.e.  Find a green vegetable that is long.  Find a vegetable that is round.).
  • After going to the farmers’ market, sort the food into different groups.
  • Let your child practice questions to buy things (i.e. Can I have_________?  Do you have__________?).


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