Does my child stutter?

It can be concerning when your child starts to repeat themselves, but not all repetitions are considered a stuttering or disfluency disorder.  Below are some of the identifiable signs of stuttering and what you can do if you see them in your child.



  • Repetitions of the initial sounds in words “f-f-f-f-an” for “fan”
  • Stretching or elongation of the a sound “bbbbbbb-barn” for “barn”
  • Difficulty getting words out as if the word is stuck in them (usually accompanied by frustration)
  • Stuttering that occurs for greater than six months


What caregivers can do:

  • Be patient and give your child the time & space to talk
  • Avoid interrupting, stopping, or telling your child to slow down while the are speaking and do not fill in their speech for them
  • Contact us to schedule an assessment

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