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Metamorphabet is a visually striking app that introduces and plays with letters and words.  While it’s approach to letter-sound correspondence will also make it appropriate for older preschoolers, it’s easy interface and fun manipulation of letters and shapes into different words makes it accessible for 2-3 year olds as well.  It can be used to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary. Younger children will be able to tap, push and pull the letters into different shapes that become new words. The vocabulary presented is diverse and includes nouns, verbs and descriptives, and both abstract and concrete words. It has more common early vocabulary, such as car and eat, but also includes later-learned words, such as beard, jiggle and upset.  This app […]

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A great app for car and truck-crazy kids!  This app includes fun cause and effect scenes which also introduce some sorting and matching activities.  There are 5 scenes to choose from; car wash, tow truck, garbage truck, city streets, and dump truck. Each of these scenes allows the player to perform different actions with the vehicles.. In the car wash scene, the child moves the car into a pile of mud. They can move it back and forth until the car is completely covered in mud. Then they move it on to the car wash. They touch the different parts of the car wash to spray it with soap, rinse it with water and dry it off.  In this scene, […]

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App of the Month

App of the Month Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle By: Intellijoy Educational Games This adorable app helps your child with early literacy in a fun, game style format. Focusing on sound blending, word families and spelling, this app reinforces precursors to reading and language.

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