Babies and Screen Time

Screens are a huge part of our lives, but as your baby first comes into this world it is best to limit screen time as much as you can.


But why?


Studies have illustrated that babies with excessive screen time:

speak fewer words

  • miss out on communication opportunities with communication partners
  • have delays in speech & language development
  • have greater difficulties learning to self soothe


How can you be tech-wise with your baby?

  • ensure you speak with your partner/child’s caregivers about how you all plan to be tech-wise so everyone is on the same page
  • have spaces in the home that are free of technology
  • have tech free time designated through the day (example: meal times, when with caregivers, or while playing)


You’re limiting screen time, now what?  How can I help develop my baby’s language?

  • Talk a lot!  Narrate what you’re doing, what you see, what your baby is doing, the more words they hear the better!
  • Read to your baby as much as you can.  It’s a great bonding activity & allows your child to see & hear words.


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