An Egg-Cellent Speech Activity: 


Materials Needed:
-Plastic eggs
-Small pieces of paper
-Basket to hold the eggs
-Speech and language prompts or targets
-Prepare speech and language prompts or targets based on the goals of your therapy session. These prompts could include vocabulary terms, articulation targets, sentence formulation prompts, WH- questions, describing objects, etc.
-Write each prompt or target on a small piece of paper and fold it up.
-Place one prompt or target inside each plastic egg and close it securely.
-Hide the eggs around the therapy room or designated play area.
How to Play:
-Explain the rules of the game to the child or children participating in the therapy session.
-Encourage them to search for the hidden eggs around the room.
-Once an egg is found, have the child open it and read aloud the prompt or target inside.
For example:
Articulation Practice: “Say the (target word) five times”.
Vocabulary Building: Define the word or use it in a sentence.
Sentence Formulation: Create a sentence using the given word.
Describing Objects: Describe the object inside the egg using adjectives.
Answering Questions: Answer the question provided in the egg.
This speech therapy game provides a motivating and interactive way to target speech and language skills while incorporating elements of fun and exploration. For extra fun and excitement, set a timer to see how many eggs the child can get before the time stops.  This is a great way to expand attention spans and overall motivation to participate in speech activities.

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