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Goal Area: Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary

Materials needed: Laundry basket and clothing Activity directions:  Have your child help with sorting the laundry. You can set up multiple laundry baskets to sort between various members of your family.  While sorting the laundry, model phrases such as “mommy’s sock”/ “daddy’s sock.” You can also work on sizes and have your child label “big pants” or “little pants.”  This activity can also be used receptively. For example, you can have your child find all of the socks and put them into a basket. In addition, you can work on early prepositions, such as “in,” “out,” and “on.”  Helpful tips (if applicable): If your child has difficulty identifying various clothing items, hold up the clothing item you want the child

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Goal Area: Expressive Language

Child will increase early two word combinations (e.g. verb+noun; verb+location, possessive noun+object) Materials needed: A variety of laundry items, several laundry baskets, family’s seasonal clothes (e.g. hat, scarf, gloves)  Activity directions: Sort through various items in the laundry basket focusing on  specific two word combination (e.g. put in, take out, big shirt vs. little pants,  mommy’s socks, daddy’s pants etc.)  Use  repetition and modeling of forms alternating between two word targets and expansion phrases  Ex: “mommy’s socks” “Look, I can put mommy’s socks in this pile.”  Use specific vocabulary words and phrase ( put in in the basket vs. put in there  OR Give me the big sock vs. get me that one.” Helpful tips:  Make it silly  to engage

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