In light of the recent stay at home advisory in Illinois, we continue to offer both telehealth and reduced in clinic evaluation and treatment.  



As always, our goal is to support you and your child. During this challenging time, children feel stressed too. They may not be able to verbalize their fears but rather, it may manifest in silly or negative behavior. Maintaining weekly therapy can provide structure and continuity that can help to reduce this stress.



Teletherapy at Wee Speech is provided using a computer based platform (e.g. Zoom) which allows for simultaneous video and audio communication for “real-time” therapy. This platform can be used with a computer, laptop or phone. 



Your child will work 1:1 with a therapist to continue to develop their speech, language and or feeding skills as they would in the clinic. Clients who are school age and older may need little assistance during these sessions. A parent or another caregiver may need to be available during the duration of the session with younger children or children who need more support to sustain attention to or interact with the therapist and computer.



Telehealth is currently being covered by most insurers. However, as with all speech therapy services, coverage is determined by the individual insurance policy.   We also offer private pay options. For additional information or questions, feel free to contact us.






Laura Drower M.S. CCC C/NDT

Julie Levin M.S. CCC C/NDT