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Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary Podcast Series Outline 1. Introduction to vocabularya. Importance of vocabularyi. Impacts oral expression, written expression, & language comprehension in allacademic disciplinesb. Types of vocabulary/Tier Systemi. Receptive vocabulary and expressive vocabularyii. Tier system requires incidental learning and direction instruction2. Strategies to enhance vocabularya. Create a positive learning environment around vocabularyb. Multiple meaning wordsc. Word Walld. Word Sorte. Word games,d.eXY

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Augmentative Alternative Communication

Augmentative and Assistive Communication(AAC)How do you know AAC is appropriate?When determining if an individual is in need of Augmentative and Alternative Communication I being with asking caregivers 4 essential questions:1. Does the person have a functional communication system currently in place? That is, can the person make his/her wants/needs known to others?2. Do others understand the messages he/she tries to communicate consistently; including those he/she interacts with infrequently?3. Are the language structures the person currently uses as complex and sophisticated as they need to be? In other words, are the messages this person conveys sufficient to cover all of the specifics that may be important for him/her? 4. Under what conditions does this person communicate? Spontaneous, responsive or imitative? Any functional

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DyslexiaWelcome to the Wee Speech Parent Podcast Series. This series is designed to aid parents understanding of communication development, treatment and other topics related to speech and language.My name is Kate Connolly. I am an ASHA certified pediatric speech and language pathologist. During this podcast segment I will be addressing how dyslexia impacts children in school. It is important to start with the reminder that dyslexia is a disability that is neurologically based and wasn’t caused by anything. There is absolutely no correlation to intelligence or cognition –kids with dyslexia are just as bright as their peers.That said, reading is something your brain has to really work at because there is so much required all at once. The brain has

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