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Tech-free fun!

This Sunday's Tribune Lifestyle section had a great article on fun non-tech stuff to do with kids.  Based on a ...
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Play For All

The Chicago Children's Museum hosts monthly events for children with special needs on the second Saturday of each month.  The ...
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Hink Pinks!

Have you ever heard of a Hink Pink?  It's a word puzzle that targets vocabulary with rhymes and synonyms.  See ...
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Story Retelling: A deeper look at language formulation

Parents often report that their child has a difficult time sharing experiences.  Retelling a story requires an individual to apply ...
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Below are some fun fall themed erase-a-rhymes. They are a great way to target rhyming, following directions, parts of a ...
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Homework Tips

“I need help with my homework!” is likely a phrase you will be hearing soon.  Be proactive and set up ...
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