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Autism Awareness Month

April is autism awareness month.  One in eighty-eighty children are affected by autism in America.  Here is a list of ...
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CRICKET is a company that promotes reading materials for children.  The magazine targets different age groups incorporating a variety of ...
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Food for thought…….

Have you ever read a book, but stopped because the book didn’t capture your attention?  As an adult, we can ...
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Adjectives…adjectives…adjectives…are everywhere!

Open your eyes and you will be surprised to stumble across adjectives in unusual places.   You can find adjectives in ...
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Spring Cleaning

Spring is a time of year to declutter our homes and enjoy the upcoming longer days and warmer weather.  We ...
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Museum Free Days!!

The holiday crowds have dispersed and so once again, several Chicago museums are offering free admission days.  Typically you will ...
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