Day: August 28, 2022

Neurodiversity and Stuttering

I had the opportunity to listen to a podcast with Chris Constantino, who is a speech language pathologist and a person who stutters. In his podcast, he discusses the neurodiversity movement and how some its beliefs, namely the acceptance and value of differences, can be applied when working with our clients who stutter. Treatment, he reports, shouldn’t focus on forcing individuals to be fluent, but rather, should focus on overall quality of life and exploration and acceptance of an individual’s stutter. One of the activities he would complete when working with middle school students included reacting to negative comments or micro aggressions from others. He engaged the students in role playing and had them practice how to teach people about

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The Lion King on Broadway Sensory-Friendly Show 

Broadway in Chicago is offering a sensory friendly performance of The Lion King on January 7th, 2023. Traditional rules of a theater will no longer apply allowing audience members to stand, move around as needed, and make noise during the performance. Additionally, the theater will be leaving some lights turned on within the theater and lowering the sound levels during the show. Specific quiet areas will be established and volunteers and professionals will be in attendance. For further information please see

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