Day: February 5, 2022

Generalizing outside the Therapy Room

One question that is often asked is, ‘How can we work on our child’s speech goals outside of therapy?’. While doing worksheets for homework can be helpful, another way to target speech goals outside of therapy is incorporating activities into the child’s everyday life. In the article, ‘We left the Therapy Room, Now What?’, Coaching Families on Carryover Skills for Children in their environment’, by Jestina Bunch, Autumn Sanderson, and Ashley Irick,  different activities and strategies one can incorporate into their everyday lives to aid in goal progress are discussed. Some fun and easy ideas from the article are listed below. -Auditory Skills: Say before you show: make appropriate sounds before showing the associated item(i.e. vroom vroom; I hear a

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Regulation for success!

Levels of Arousal play a large role in a child’s state of regulation. In an article written by Jessie Ginsburg, she discusses ways to adjust ones actions in order encourage the optimal level of arousal during sessions. Children with high levels of arousal appear to have high energy and can move quickly around the room. Children with low levels of arousal seem passive and have decreased energy. In order to achieve the optimal level of arousal, ask yourself several questions to help find the most accurate path. The first question  is ‘what arousal level is the child coming in with?’. We need to gauge their current level of arousal (i.e. high to low) to determine if we need to decrease

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Language fun for Valentine’s Day!

Holidays and seasons are a great way to incorporate new vocabulary and build your child’s language and understanding of traditions or routines! Below are some easy and inexpensive themed-activities for you and your child to do at home: -Get a box of Valentine’s Day cards for their class and look at what is the same or different with each card (e.g., they both have superheroes; one has Iron Man and the other has Spider Man). You can also practice describing what is on the cards. -Get a bag or box of candy hearts and complete one or more of the following activities: Pick out the hearts with action words such as “Hug me”, “Kiss Me”, and “Call Me” and have

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