Making Snowmen Inside Too!!


When I think of winter, I think of snow, which makes me want to make a snowman. Winter is the perfect time to build a snowman out of actual snow outside, but if you want to stay warm indoors, you can also make a snowman inside! You can use marshmallows, shaving cream, construction paper, cream cheese, or many other foods, gels, or craft materials.

Making a snowman, using whatever materials you decide on, is an excellent language activity. Concepts you can focus on include:

  1. Size concepts

-You can use words like small, medium, and big

-You can also use comparatives (bigger, smaller) and superlatives (biggest, smallest)

  1. Sequencing

-Talk about the activity, as you are completing it and once you have finished, using words including: first, next, and then, last

  1. Location Words

-You can talk about spatial concepts such as: top, bottom, middle, under, above

  1. Attributes

-You can talk about what you are putting on the snowman and what he is made of

-For anybody who has used the Expanding Expression Tool (EET), this would be an excellent time to use it to describe the snowman

  1. Comparing and Contrasting

-If you have more than one snowman, this is an excellent way to compare and contrast the materials they are made of, their features, and the sizes

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