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Magic Tricks!

Magic tricks can be a fun activity to target language skills.  As your child learns the magic trick, he or ...
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Cooking can be fun!

Cooking activities are a fun and an interactive way to build language skills, such as following directions, describing skills, sequencing ...
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Graphic Organizers

Comparing and contrasting…sequencing…identifying story components…and writing paragraphs can appear overwhelming without a structured process. A graphic organizer is a tool ...
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Have you ever heard of Finn Whitman or Charlene Turner?

These are characters from an adventure series for young readers called the Kingdom Keepers.  The series consists of seven books.  ...
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Do you love history?

If so, Dipity just might be for you.  Dipity is a free digital timeline website.  A  Dipity timeline captures a ...
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Who is my superhero…..?

Children view the world differently than adults.  As your child grows and faces challenges, don’t forget to find the humor ...
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