Author: Katie Favia MS CCC SLP

Core Vocabulary: What Is It and How Can I Be Utilizing It in the Home?

            If your child is receiving speech and language services, you as a parent may often hear the term “core vocabulary.”  Core vocabulary refers to words or phrases that are frequently used by a variety of individuals.  There are 250-400 core vocabulary words that make up 75-85% of the words we produce, and provide the framework for functional communication and novel phrases.             For my clients who are still emerging language users, I like to focus on utilizing and eliciting core vocabulary. Examples of vocabulary words include, “go, more/again, all done, up, down, turn, want, in, open.” By utilizing these words, children are able to manipulate their environment and socially interact with other individuals. A large variety of concepts can […]

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How Can I Promote Making Choices for My Toddler in the Home?

In speech therapy, I often work on the skill of making choices with my clients. This skill enables children to feel more independent, and allows them to demonstrate their likes and dislikes. When we consider the skill of making choices, there’s various components at hand: building vocabulary, establishing attention and strengthening verbal skills. If a child is not yet at the verbalization stage, gesturing or pointing still facilitates communication. When offering choices, I often also see a decrease in negative behaviors such as inattention or crying/yelling. So how do I promote this skill? Through repeated practice, of course! Parents often ask how they can be facilitating this skill in the home environment — there are many ways to target making […]

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