Story Retelling: A deeper look at language formulation

Parents often report that their child has a difficult time sharing experiences.  Retelling a story requires an individual to apply complex linguistic rules, recall information, and formulate in real time.  A break down can happen at various different levels.  Next time your child begins to retell a story or experience, listen for the following linguistic elements.

  1. Sequencing Ability
  2. Is the story order appropriate or jumbled up?
  3. Working Memory
  4. Is the child using enough details?
  5. Are these details relevant to the story?
  6. Grammar
  7. Does the sentence structure contains errors such as run-on sentences or incorrectly produced words
  8. Is the child using temporal markers and cohesive ties to connect the story together
  9. Is the child’s sentence complexity adequate for their age?
  10. Vocabulary
  11. Is it immature or age-level?
  12. Does the child have word retrieval issues?
  13. Pragmatics
  14. Is there story cohesion and coherence?
  15. Is there adequate use of pronouns to identify characters?
  16. Perspective Taking
  17. Does the child have appropriate insight into character’s feelings, beliefs, and thoughts?