February Sports!

As we gear up for two big sporting events in February, many people will be talking about the super bowl and the winter olympics.  Not everyone is interested in participating in a conversation about sports, so I’ve developed some questions to make talking about sports more interesting.

Super Bowl Questions:

  • What is the NFL?
  • What NFL team is from your state?
  • How many teams are in the NFL?
  • Where will the  NFL play offs be held in 2014?
  • When is the super bowl?
  • What two teams will be playing in the super bowl?
  • What states are the two teams from?

Winter Olympics:

  • What events are in the winter olympics?
  • In what city will the winter olympics be held?
  • In what country will the winter olympics be held?
  • How many countries will participate in the winter olympics?
  • What are the symbols of the winter olympics?
  • How long is the winter olympics?

Time Capsule

The first week of January, is a good time to reflect on the past year and an excellent time to work on language skills.  A fun activity for you and your family is to make a time capsule for the year 2013. You can use a snack tube (Pringles container) or jar and choose any items you want to decorate the outside of it.  While decorating your container, make sure you talk about what decorations you are using and why.  To fill the inside, you can use family photos, tickets from trips, memorabilia, or anything else that can symbolize events from the past year. This is a great time to work on summarizing and sequencing as well as using the past tense.  You can choose to compare different family trips/events and work on wh-questions.  For younger children or those who need picture support to be able to answer questions and tell about events, be sure to use photographs.  Then, you can also talk about any other things you see in the background of the photos.  Since the end of one year is the beginning of another, you can also ask the child to make predictions about what the family will do in the upcoming year.

Have a Happy New Year!