Cooking can be fun!

Cooking activities are a fun and an interactive way to build language skills, such as following directions, describing skills, sequencing skills, and social skills.  Language skills can be indirectly targeted through the whole cooking process from start to finish.  I found a recipe to make fortune cookies.  Here are some ideas to target language skills, while eating fortune cookies.  Write a number, a letter, a category, or a kind word on a piece of paper.  After the fortune cookies are done baking, grab a fortune cookie to see the surprise.  If your child picks the number five, have your child count to five.  If you decide to put  a kind word in your fortune cookie (i.e. loving, kind, funny), have your child give the fortune cookie to a special person. 

Graphic Organizers

Comparing and contrasting…sequencing…identifying story components…and writing paragraphs can appear overwhelming without a structured process.

A graphic organizer is a tool to help a child organize information.  If your child is reading a book, a graphic organizer can be used to organize story components (i.e. characters, setting, problem, resolution).  This tool allows the child to extract important information from his or her reading and organize the information, which will help the child answer comprehension questions.  If your child is writing a paragraph, a graphic organizer can be used to help generate a topic sentence, sentences with details, and a conclusion sentence.  One of the more popular graphic organizers is called Inspiration.