Do you love history?

If so, Dipity just might be for you.  Dipity is a free digital timeline website.  A  Dipity timeline captures a variety of learning styles.  The website allows you to utilize images, text, video, and audio to create a timeline.  It may be used as a tool to help a child highlight important events and form the backbone for a classroom presentation.

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Who is my superhero…..?

Children view the world differently than adults.  As your child grows and faces challenges, don’t forget to find the humor in the situation.  Don’t worry it may not happen overnight, but the humor will eventually come.  I once had a parent buzz cut his hair because cutting his child’s hair was a struggle.  I’m sure in the moment as the child is squirming around, the father was probably thinking can you please sit still and maybe even a little disappointed the haircut wasn’t successful.  On the bright side, as the father looked at his child’s zig zag on his head, he thought why not give myself a buzz cut, but without the zig zag!  I came across an article about a child with a hearing impairment who wouldn’t wear his hearing aid.  Like many children, this particular 4-year old loved superheroes.  He loved superheroes so much, he told his mom he wouldn’t wear his hearing aid because superheroes don’t wear them.  He called his hearing aid Blue Ear.  The parent contacted Marvel comics and a superhero named Blue Ear emerged.  Both families in these stories are superheroes in their own unique ways by advocating for their child through their actions.  Advocacy and self-advocacy are important factors as the child progresses through school.