Strategies for the Young Child: Challenging Behaviors and Communication Skills

This transdisciplinary workshop addresses two therapeutic techniques often utilized with
the young child: PROMPT, a multisensory approach to speech challenges and ABA,
applied behavioral analysis, understanding and managing challenging behaviors.

Jackie Santiccioli, a renowned PROMPT specialist, will provide information on the
PROMPT technique, a multisensory approach to treating the child with challenges in the
development of speech using functional interactions. Clinicians working with the prelinguistic and early linguistic child will have a greater understanding of the sensory and
motor systems and the impact that the PROMPT technique provides.

Sarah Hively, a Behavior Analyst, will provide information on how to identify,
understand and treat challenging behaviors. The training will break down challenging
behaviors into four different functions of behavior. Upon completion of this short course,
clinicians will be able to identify why a child demonstrates a specific challenging
behavior and the course of action needed to decrease or eliminate it.

Where: Wee Speech, P.C.
8833 Gross Point Road Ste. 307
Lower Level Conference Room
Skokie, IL 60077

When: Friday 11/30/2012 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM (Check in 8:30 AM)
Credit Hours:   1.0 – Assessment
1.0 – Atypical Development
2..0 – Intervention
Cost: $85.00
Contact: (847) 329-8226

Wee Speech at the NADS Conference

Wee Speech was proud to participate in the National Association for Down Syndrome Conference.  This was the first year vendor tables were offered and we were one of 20 organizations who came out.  The conference was well attended and brought a wealth of information to both families and professionals.