Coffee and…..

Growing up, my mother and her sisters always placed a certain importance on the practice of “Coffee And…”   which for them meant having coffee, relaxation, bonding time, and of course great dessert.   My mother would become so excited at finding a new place the offered gourmet coffee and bakery items.  I couldn’t wait to be of age to fully enjoy the outings.   Interestingly enough, in searching for exciting things for parents and kids to do in the city, I came across a new trend in sites that offer a twist on our family idea.  There are so many places now that offer great coffee/dessert (for the adults) and . . . .   exercise, learning, and play experiences for children.   They are located all around our city of Chicago.   Tree House Indoor Playground is located north of the city in Lake Zurich; Family Grounds Café is located on Lincoln Avenue in the Lincoln Square/ Roscoe Village neighborhoods, and Grounds for Hope Café is located southwest of Chicago in Lisle.  I am sure my mom would have jumped at these opportunities in a heartbeat.   It sure would have helped me bide the time before I turned twelve and had my first official cup of coffee.  We know children learn best when actively engaged with play and when having experiences with others.  What a fun way to do both.