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What is a Word Wall? A Word Wall is a collection of words posted on an interactive wall that can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts. The Wee Speech Word Wall is updated monthly and has printable books, activities and coloring pages related to the vocabulary. Check out our Wall in the clinic waiting room. Have fun with words!

This Months Words

Discover: To see, get knowledge of, learn from or find out; gain sight or knowledge of something unseen or unknown.

The library will help you to discover information about Columbus Day.

: A tool used for determining directions by the use of a free rotating magnetized needle that always points north.

A compass is a great tool for someone who is hiking.

: Wet and spongy ground with soil composed of mainly decayed vegetable matter.

The fog surrounding the bog gives it a spooky feeling. 

: The time when the sun crosses the plane of the earth’s equator making night and day roughly the same length all over the earth. 

From the autumn equinox, the setting sun moves slowly south along the western horizon. 

Harvest: The season when crops are ready to be removed from the fields and sold to people at Farmer’s Markets. 

He told the story of the rich farmer whose fields had produced a harvest fit for kings. 

: An object, usually a figure of a person in old clothes, set up to frighten crows or other birds away from crops.

Let’s make a life- sized scarecrow to keep the birds away from our garden. 

: The third season of the year between summer and winter in which most trees loose their leaves and temperatures begin to cool down.

The maple leaves turn yellow in autumn.  

Expedition: A journey made for some specific purpose by a person or group of people. 

Christopher Columbus went on an expedition in the year 1492. 

: A course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place. 

Lewis and Clark made an adventurous voyage

: To direct or manage any mode of transportation to any destination. 

People who sail use the stars to navigate their voyage. 


This Months Printable Activities

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