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What is a Word Wall? A Word Wall is a collection of words posted on an interactive wall that can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts. The Wee Speech Word Wall is updated monthly and has printable books, activities and coloring pages related to the vocabulary. Check out our Wall in the clinic waiting room. Have fun with words!

This Months Words


Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each, where the goal is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of a ninety-foot square, or diamond.

I love to play baseball in the summer time with my friends at the park by my house.


A Base is a 15 inch square canvas bag that is used to mark the three out of four boundaries of a baseball diamond in addition to marking the advancement of a team during an inning. 

The runner rounded the bases with speed, aiming to reach home before he was called out.


A homerun is when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to run around all four bases without being called out.

The team scored homerun after homerun due to the impressive hitting of two of its strongest members. 


A diamond is a well known four sided shape that typically consists of forty-five degree angles and is used as the field shape in the game of baseball. 

From the 50th floor of the building, I was able to see the perfect outline of the diamond shape of the baseball field. 


An umpire is the person in authority of a baseball game who is considered a neutral third party and able to enforce the rules of the game. 

The umpire called the runner out at third base when he tried to steal for home. 


A stadium is a place or venue for watching outdoor sports.

It was a long trip down to the stadium, but was worth the trip to see our favorite team.


A team is group of people or animals who linked together with a common purpose. 

The team rallied together as it closed in on winning the championship one run at a time. 


A uniform is a set of standard clothing that is worn by all the members of an organization to help promote equality and togetherness when participating in their common activity. 

I really enjoyed looking at all of the different uniforms that identified a team while at the tournament

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