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What is a Word Wall? A Word Wall is a collection of words posted on an interactive wall that can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts. The Wee Speech Word Wall is updated monthly and has printable books, activities and coloring pages related to the vocabulary. Check out our Wall in the clinic waiting room. Have fun with words!

This Months Words


Snowboarding is an activity in the snow using a board like a wide ski ridden in a surfing position downhill. 

My family and I went snowboarding in Colorado at Christmas time.


A snowflake is a flake or crystal of snow.

We saw tiny snowflakes falling from the sky with many different shapes. 


Frost is a covering of minute ice crystals that formed from gas on a cold surface.

The frost covered every inch of my car and took 20 minutes of heat from my car to disappear. 


Freezing is the act of becoming congealed or solidified into ice by the cold.

The flower was freezing as the first frost of the season spread across the prairie


Sledding is the act of riding on a sled or sleigh down or across snow.

As my sister and I peered out the window at the falling snow, we knew it would be a great day to go sledding down the hill near the pond.


A snowball fight is a game played by rolling snow into hand sized balls and trying to throw them at your opponent or the other team.

When at last the snowball fight had ended, and we were all soaked from the snow thrown at our bodies, we went inside for a cup of hot chocolate to warm up.


An icicle is a pendant shaped block of ice formed by the freezing of dripping water.

The water from the evening rain froze overnight to create beautiful icicles hanging from everyone’s houses.


Shoveling is the act of cleaning or digging while using a shovel.

He shoveled the entire sidewalk only to have to go shovel it again three hours later due to the blizzard that had come to Sleepy Hallow, Illinois. 


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