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What is a Word Wall? A Word Wall is a collection of words posted on an interactive wall that can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts. The Wee Speech Word Wall is updated monthly and has printable books, activities and coloring pages related to the vocabulary. Check out our Wall in the clinic waiting room. Have fun with words!

This Months Words

Vacation means a time of rest from work. Some people might go somewhere new, and some people might lay in the sun with a good book.

"She could not wait until her vacation began!"

A sun is a star that has planets around it. The Earth travels around a sun. The sun keeps us warm, and helps plants to grow.

"The sun was shining, so the family went on a picnic outside."

Shade is an area that is blocked from the sun's light. It is cooler in the shade. There might be shade under a big tree, or next to a tall building

"The large tree was filled with shade leaves."

Sunglasses are glasses that keep the sun out of your eyes.

"He put on his sunglasses when he went outside."

A beach is a sandy shore next to water. Oceans and lakes have beaches. Lots of people like to go to the beach in the Summer.

"He brought a towel and volleyball to the beach."


Sandals are a type of shoe. Sandals have straps to attach the sole to your foot. Many people wear sandals in the Summer when it's warm outside.

"She loved to wear her sandals in the Summer."

Relax means to rest from work. Some people might lay down, or some people might go for a walk.

"He could not wait to relax after work."

A suntan is word to describe people's skin when it turns darker after being in the Sun. Lots of people become get a suntan in the Summer.

"She hoped to get a suntan when she laid outside

This Months Printable Activities

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