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What is a Word Wall? A Word Wall is a collection of words posted on an interactive wall that can be used to teach vocabulary and concepts. The Wee Speech Word Wall is updated monthly and has printable books, activities and coloring pages related to the vocabulary. Check out our Wall in the clinic waiting room. Have fun with words!

This Months Words


Labor: Physical or mental activity done by people working for money.

The prince was very tired after mowing the lawn because he was not used to physical labor.

Supplies: Items purchased in order to survive in a business, school or life.

Make sure you have all your school supplies before the year begins.

Documents: Written or printed pages of information like books, articles or letters of a factual or informative nature; even could be a computer data file.

The local public library has many documents on almost every school subject.

Academic: The term used for describing a school setting; and or the classes.

He received an academic achievement award for his research.

Scholar: A person who has in depth knowledge on any subject and or has been awarded a scholarship.

The scholar said he would teach anyone grammar and reading.

Dictionary: A book that has a selection of words of a language usually set up like the alphabet, it gives information about their meanings and so much more.

If you don’t know what a word means, look it up in a dictionary.
Thesaurus: A book that lists words in groups of words with roughly the same or the same meaning.

When you are looking for words with the same meaning, a thesaurus will be of help.
Fundraisers: People who go around collecting money for good causes.

Having many fundraisers will support your school.

Anxious: Mental stress that is caused due to fear of danger, an unfortunate situation or tough time.

Freshman year of high school can be a very anxious time for students.  

Assembly: A group of people gathered together usually for a particular purpose such as educational, social, religious, political or any other type.

This assembly is all about school spirit. 


This Months Printable Activities

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