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Guess How Many?This month's winner is Nathan B.!

Congratulations Nathan! Children (and siblings) are encouraged to fill out a slip each month with their guess. (Don’t forget your last name or initial.). The envelope for guesses is on the wall next to the book and toy bins in the Clinic waiting room. The drawing is at the end of the month and a special prize awaits the winner!!

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September Birthdays!!

Nicole S. 9/3

Walter B. 9/8

Yehoshua G. 9/13

Julian C. 9/18

Alan T. 9/19

Ben G. 9/23

Tyson A. 9/24


































September 2017 edition of the Wee Speech Newsletter.


Hearing in Noise
We live in a noisy world. The ability to listen to one sound and filter out the rest is more and more important for successful communication. Understanding speech in noise is a hard task for the brain. A recent article by Dr. Nina Kraus of Northwestern University published in The Hearing Journal, discussed upcoming research on the development of a testing protocol that would assess an individual's listening in noise ability. This data would be invaluable to therapists in developing treatment goals for children with poor skills in this area. Children with dyslexia, language impairment and autism spectrum disorder often struggle with listening in noise and this deficit can have a negative impact on language development, literacy and social skills. We look forward to the development of this new protocol and the benefits for our clients!

AAC Workshop
Wee Speech will be sponsoring an upcoming presentation, Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP). LAMP was initially developed for individuals with autism, but has since been modified and can be used by other individuals with various disabilities. This one-day workshop will be presented by Amy Bereiter, M.S., CCC-SLP, ATP on October 13, 2017. Amy has extensive experience working with individuals needing an alternate means of communication.  She currently works as at a LAMP Center of Excellence in North Virginia. 

This conference is designed for speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, parents and others who support individuals who use AAC.

Please see the attached link for specific information on this upcoming course. 

In the Schools
On August 29th, Devin Manning and Whitney Klein presented a workshop titled “Strategies for Classroom Success” to the staff at Joan Dachs Bais Yaakov School.  We expect to have another productive year providing speech services to their students!

Cold and Flu Season Is Coming
As children head back to school, colds and flu will be making their annual appearance. Please keep children with active runny noses, fever or significant coughing at home. Speech therapy is hard work and children are not able to benefit when they are under the weather.

Wee Speech welcomes Courtney Guzik! Courtney is a speech pathology graduate candidate at Elmhurst College. She will spend a semester in our clinic observing and learning as she prepares to graduate and become speech pathologist!

Laura Drower & Julie Levin
Wee Speech, P.C.

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