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Winter holidays are fast approaching. Please let your therapist know about any planned absences.

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Guess How Many?This month's winner is Molly N.!

Congratulations Molly! Children (and siblings) are encouraged to fill out a slip each month with their guess. (Don’t forget your last name or initial.). The envelope for guesses is on the wall next to the book and toy bins in the Clinic waiting room. The drawing is at the end of the month and a special prize awaits the winner!!

Good Luck!!


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Finley B.

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November 2017 edition of the Wee Speech Newsletter.


RoboChef is Here!
Wee Speech is now beta testing this exciting new app for at-home sound practice. Tell your therapist if you would like your child to try it out! This flyer gives an overview of how the program works. We are thrilled to be part of this new way to make the dreaded "speech homework" fun!

We Continue to Learn
On October 13, the Wee Speech team hosted a workshop in our lower level conference room on LAMP Words for Life. This augmentative communication language system is designed to allow vocabulary and communication skills to grow. It was a great course with many innovative strategies and video examples presented. We can't wait to use the new ideas in our treatment sessions!

Next up for our therapists: Laura will attend the American Speech Language Hearing Association Conference, Devin will be attending a 3 day Wilson Reading workshop, Stephanie will be participating in a voice disorders course and Emily and Whitney will attend a Kaufman Apraxia course! We love to learn and grow our skills so that we can continue to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Games for Executive Function
The ASHA Leader, our speech association magazine, had an informative article about executive function and games and activities that can strengthen these skills. Games like Red Light Green Light, Freeze Dance and Simon Says are great for focus and attention. Uno and Rat a tat Cat support working memory, processing speed and recall. Even something like planning an event or a party can tap in to attention, organizing and planning for "what if's".

Speech Services at ACHDS
Wee Speech is excited to announce that we are available to see children at Arie Crown for individual speech services. If you would like your child to be seen, please call the Wee Speech office at your earliest convenience as we only have a few spots available. Children would be seen weekly for 45 minute sessions. Sessions would be billed to in network insurance companies.

We look forward to hearing from you!

What Are We Blogging about in November?Communicating with Baby: Tips and Milestones From Birth to Age 5.

The American Speech Language Hearing Association and Read Aloud 15 Minutes have collaborated on a series of handouts for parents that discuss speech and language development.  (more)

Laura Drower & Julie Levin
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