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Spring is almost here!

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Guess How Many?

Layla H. is our winner this month! Congratulations Layla!

Children (and siblings) are encouraged to fill out a slip each month with their guess. (Don’t forget your last name or initial.). The envelope for guesses is on the wall next to the magazine rack in the Clinic waiting room. The drawing is at the end of the month and a special prize awaits the winner!!

Good Luck!!



Sam P. 3/3

Isaac S. 3/4

Faith C-B. 3/11

Jacob L. 3/12

Owen A. 3/13

Shaul S. 3/26

Esther Z. 3/27

Yehoshua Z. 3/29

Aniela L. 3/31































March 2017edition of the Wee Speech Newsletter.


We Continue to learn…

The Wee Speech team could be found at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center from February 9-11th, for the annual Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention.  Each day of the convention offered numerous short courses on a wide variety of speech language related topics.  Everyone was able to learn new information to be shared and utilized at the clinic. 

In future newsletters, therapists will share their newly acquired information through short articles. Upcoming articles will include information about augmentative communication, functional goals, stuttering in the pre-kindergarten and school aged child, and literacy skills and its relationship between auditory and visual processing/discrimination.

Laura Drower & Julie Levin
Wee Speech, P.C.

What Are We Blogging about in March?
Asperger's Are us! A documentary about 4 young men with Asperger syndrome who formed a comedy troupe.

This Month in the Speech and Language Q/A Column, Kate discusses social skills groups.

Dear SLP,
My son is 11 and is on the spectrum. He's been in speech therapy in school for years and and has done fantastically! It's been amazing to see him grow up! That said, we're entering a really tricky time in his life. He's having a hard time making friends in school. His good friend from grade school has been pulling away. Sometimes my son seems to care, other days he's okay with it. I'm very concerned about how to help him. He just doesn't get along with typical peers and has trouble relating to some of the other kids in his class. The school SLP recommended a social group. Would that be something that could help?
Sincerely, Sticky Social Situations

Dear Sticky Social Situations, Oh, the dreaded puberty years! It is certainly one of the trickiest times of development!  While it won't solve every problem, a social group can be an excellent  therapeutic tool for teaching your son to navigate some of those sticker social situations.(more)

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