February 2018

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Flu season is in full swing. Please keep children home when they have active runny nose, cough or fever. Therapy is hard work and children can't get the most benefit when they are not well.

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Guess How Many?This month's winner is Tobin G!

Congratulations Tobin! Children (and siblings) are encouraged to fill out a slip each month with their guess. (Don’t forget your last name or initial.). The envelope for guesses is on the wall next to the book and toy bins in the Clinic waiting room. The drawing is at the end of the month and a special prize awaits the winner!!

Good Luck!!


February Birthdays!!

Evan B.

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February 2018 edition of the Wee Speech Newsletter.


Form Updates 2018!
If you haven't completed your 2018 form packet please do so as soon as possible. Call the office if you are having trouble accessing the link or would prefer a paper copy.

Children with Dyslexia or Repeated Ear Infections at Risk for Phonology Struggles
A recent study from Coventry University in the UK noted that children who had frequent ear infection and or mild - moderate hearing loss were more likely to struggle with both their ability to manipulate speech sounds and their knowledge of grammatical and word structure. Most suprisingly, many children in the study, when tested, were found to have hearing loss who were not previously known to be hearing impaired. The researchers recommended more frequent hearing screenings in young children.

We Continue to Learn
This month we will have an inservice on Sensory Integration from our colleagues at Timber Ridge Pediatric Therapy. We also have an update on our speech app RoboChef - new sound packages are coming out! Ask your therapist details. Finally, we were reintroduced to the online vocabulary builder program and app, Vocabulary Spelling City.

What Are We Blogging about in February?
5 Reasons To Use Books For Practically Any Speech Language Skill

For parents who are wondering how they can work on their child’s speech and language goals at home, 
Shari Robertson, PhD, CCC-SLP from the ASHA Leader has identified five reasons that books are all you need!. (more)

Laura Drower & Julie Levin
Wee Speech, P.C.

Physical Therapy Notes
Lisa Barich PT

If you have any additional questions please contact Lisa Barich PT at barichlisag@gmail.com

For more information contact Lisa Barich, PT