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We have a tie this month! Congratulations Meir Z. and Sophia S.!

Children (and siblings) are encouraged to fill out a slip each month with their guess. (Don’t forget your last name or initial.). The envelope for guesses is on the wall next to the magazine rack in the Clinic waiting room. The drawing is at the end of the month and a special prize awaits the winner!!

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April Birthdays!!

Eli B. 4/1

Karim K. 4/9

Leif B. 4/15

Dean S. 4/18

Noah B. 4/20

Luca O. 4/21

Everett W. 4/27
































April 2017 edition of the Wee Speech Newsletter.


Beyond the Clinic: A series of monthly topics based on the latest research.

In early February, I was lucky enough to attend the Illinois Speech Language and Hearing Association's (ISHA) annual conference. One of the more interesting speakers I had the opportunity to hear was Mike Cole. He gave a very helpful presentation on efficient and effective measures to collect data on our clients with augmentative and alternative communication devices. While taking data is a critical part of all SLP's day-to-day activities, tracking data with the AAC using population can be challenging. This presentation focused on identifying and tracking functional use of the AAC device as the measure of progress. Mr. Cole reviewed some of the available technology out there that is both very user friendly and also able to give a lot of data breakdown on the device: time of the day it is most used, most common words/phrases, intensity of use, etc. This can really help us, as SLPs, make sure we build our therapy sessions to help your child make the most of their device.

Kate Fallen, M.S., CCC/SLP

Laura Drower & Julie Levin
Wee Speech, P.C.

What Are We Blogging about in April?
Drooling past 2 years of age - what to do?

This Month in the Speech and Language Q/A Column, Kate discusses executive function and language impairment.

Dear SLP,
My child's SLP was recently talking about his executive functioning skills. Can you explain how these are related to his language impairment? Is it normal that my son's executive functioning skills are lagging?
Executive Education

Dear Executive Education,
Executive functioning (EF) is an area with a lot of new research coming out, particularly exploring the link between language and EF skills. (more)

Physical Therapy Notes
Lisa Barich PT

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